Startup in Residence Amsterdam announces the 13 startups that are part of the third SIR programme.

Startup in Residence Amsterdam, the startup incubator of the City of Amsterdam.

How do we motivate people to get physically active and to use existing sports facilities? How can we measure the health of the city and its population in an innovative way? And how do we keep bulky waste off the streets? These questions are examples of challenges that 13 startups will try to solve as of December 1st, 2017, the start of the third Startup in Residence Programme.

After a pilot in 2015 and a successful second programme in 2016, ‘Startup in Residence’ is back with a third version in 2017/2018. For the latest edition of the programme the municipality published a record number of challenges (20). As a result, the number of startups that have been selected to participate in the programme has doubled to 13!

“We are extremely proud of the growing enthusiasm for the ‘Startup in Residence’ programme”, says Minouche Cramer, Startup Officer for the City of Amsterdam. “The enthusiasm shows in the high number of challenges that were brought in, but also in the number of startups that are eager to participate. We are also very excited about the other governmental organizations who joined the ‘Startup in Residence’ family. Among those are the province of Noord-Holland, the City of The Hague and the Ministry of Justice and Security.”

During the six-month programme the startups will develop innovative solutions for challenges that were published by the municipality. The programme runs from December 1st until mid 2018. The startups will participate in an intensive training course and will be mentored by experienced entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they will be guided by civil servants on the specific topics/challenges. The municipality aims to create a sustainable collaboration with the startups using this method.

“Both in the Netherlands as well as in Amsterdam we have everything to become the number 1 tech-hotspot of Europe”, says Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Special Envoy StartupDelta and supporter of the ‘Startup in Residence’ programme. “To achieve this we need a good startup policy and a lot of ambition. With the ‘Startup in Residence’ programme, governmental organizations show how they can use innovative public procurement to become launching customer of a startup. As the initiator of this programme, the City of Amsterdam shows great ambition and makes a significant contribution to the startup ecosystem in The Netherlands.”

Startups 2017-2018:

Creatives Across (Amsterdam)Startup ‘Creatives Across’ has developed SHHH is a lamp that reacts to sound. It makes users more aware of the noise they’re producing, and let’s them know in case neighbours might experience noise nuisance. Creatives Across will start testing at the Rembrandtsquare.

FutureCVFutureCV is a digital self-learning tool that can be used for disadvantaged and vulnerable Amsterdammers. The goal is to develop digital skills among others.

GameBus (Eindhoven)GameBus is a platform that motivates and rewards families, friends and colleagues to stay and become healthy: physically, socially and mentally. It does this through a personalized gaming experience. The collected data may be of great value for the health-monitor of the GGD.

Happitech (Amsterdam)

Happitech uses your smartphone to measure your health, without any additional hardware. Happitech makes your health insightful.

Landscape Data (Leiden)

Landscape Data helps organisations solve complex problems or questions using data science. This makes them experts in data cleaning, analysis and visualisation. The startup will use their expertise to make Amsterdam a more responsive and engaged city.


LucemGo designs interactive LED technology that motivates people to exercise. It also gives an artistic contribution to the public space. The startup will try to make the Zuidas a more lively and vibrant area.

Platform Eerlijk Wonen (Amsterdam)

Platform Eerlijk Wonen develops a data-driven platform in which tenant files of both corporations and private owners are fine tuned in three steps.


SportySpots provides a mobile application that maps all the public sport facilities Amsterdam has to offer. It provides users with all the information so they can explore (new) sport spots.

SwiftComply (Dublin)

SwiftComply has developed a unique technological marketplace in which, among other things, restaurants are brought together with inspectors and regulators to reduce the financial and administrative burden of fat, oil and grease control in Amsterdam.

The Great Bubble Barrier (Amsterdam)By placing a ‘barrier of bubbles’ at the bottom of rivers and canals, plastic is brought to the surface and can easily be removed from the water, so that it has less impact on the ecological system.

ThuiszorgagendaThuiszorgagenda is an innovative online platform in which care supply and demand come together to spare care needers and caregivers.

Transformcity (Amsterdam)Transformcity develops a platform for collaborative urban development. It is a tool that brings together social networks, visualizations and interactive maps.

WASTEDlab (Amsterdam)WASTEDlab is an online platform in which you can earn digital coins for every bag of waste that you separate, which can be exchanged to discounts & benefits at local retailers.

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